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Looking To Get Camry SE 07 Tinted?

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I was just wondering if the Lumar is a good film to use when tinting the windows and aorund how much should it cost me to do it. I live in ottawa, ontario. If anyone knows anyone good pls tell me.
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yea Lumar is good, i would say its kinda popular? or commonly used but im not sure how much it would cost u

here is a site that helped me with window tinting:

and when you do ur tinting, make sure u know whats ur limit, how dark u can go while still following the law unless ur just planning on going dark like i am, im thinking about going 15-20% all around, not sure yet

good luck and enjoy ur tint
Cost may vary by locale, but in the US, the typical price for all windows (other than front winshield) is about US$200-280 or so.
i had mine tinted with lumar, 35% all the way around and 20% on the windsheild, was 190 bux w/ tax/
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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