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looking to upgrade

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hey guys i currently own a standard cab 05 tacoma, and i think i am in need of something bigger. i dont have the funds to get a 05+ prerunner but i test drove an 02 prerunner dbl cab and loved it.

can you guys give me some heads ups on any problems the previous generation encounters? i want to get the 3.4 6 cyl and a manual tranny but can only find auto down here.

just trying to see if i can field some insight.
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This gen is pretty solid and have very few trouble spots (actually none that I know of except for a squeaky clutch throwout bearing). Good luck on the search!
01-04 dcabs only come in auto tranny... love my dcab and could never see myself trading it in... good luck on your shopping...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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