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when travelling on the highway, i notice that i have a great deal of travel in my wheel, I can wiggle it back and forth without the tires turning.

Is this just a sign of age on the vehicle? or can it be tightend up somehow?

its not like a HUGE dangerous amout, but enough that it is bothersome

p.s while i was on the highway noticing this, a gen 1 camry passed me...what an ugly car!

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to check if the main nut is tightened down, you would want to remove your airbag assembly first, you need some torx drivers for that... first take the steering column trim off with the 3 phillips screws that are on the bottom. then there should be 3 torx screws 2 one 1 side and 1 on the other of the airbag asembly. once you take those off, you will see if the nut is on tight or not. it most likely is, cause there are gear notches that it hooks up to and it is press fit on. you would normally need a steering wheel puller to get it off.

you might want to check your power steering fluid, your power steering pump, it may be as bad as a whole new steering assembly. im not really sure.
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