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loose terminal clamp

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i just noticed the other day that the clamp things that go over my negative terminal is really loose. i tried tightening it up and it wont tighten up enough to make any difference. i bought new clamps for it but the way it looks right now i dont think the cables will be long enough to reach the battery terminals so i might scrap that idea for now.
are there any other ways to fix it for now at least...i'm sick of popping my hood and re-setting my clock.
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run a new wire so it'll reach the terminal ?
i'm not quite that mechanically inclined to do so or else i would :hammer:
Battery Post Shims

Purchase a battery post shim. Its made of lead and goes over your battery terminal post to make the post thicker, allowing for the terminals to tighten over the post.

I over stripped my battery posts and my clamps were loose no matter how much I tightened. But this fixed it up perfectly. I couldnt find anywhere locally to find them, so I purchased them from this site.

Only thing is, the shim is 75cents and the shipping is $5 from CA. If you need it quickly, I purchased four and only used one. Paypal me $2 and I'll send one over Priority 2 Day delivery.

Click here
link no worky. Fixed (bottom of page)
Thanks Phi.
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