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lost of power

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I'm not sure why this is happening. I'm experiencing lost of power in my car. Not on constant bases but still. 2 days i was driving to school and nothing seems to be the probaly i parked. on my drive home. I've noticed that my steering was a LOT looser and it felt like i had 600-800lb's in the trunk. It took of extra force to make it go about 60-80mphs. When i took off i heard a pop maybe something like a pop can ran over but maybe that is something. But never the less so still on the highway i'm trying to figure out way the lost of power so every now and then i tried to floor it. 30 mins has gone past of driving at 60-80mph. NOrmally when i used OD my car does a slight jolt that i like but not that day. same when i turn off the OD. It wasn't happening that day. After i got off the ramp i still was trying to floor it and then while going at about 20 i tired once more this time the car kicked in and i felt the pull ( like how it normally is ) i was happy. turned off the engine for about 2 hours. When i turned it back on and drove it was just like normal.

Now yesterday it wasn't sluggish ( aleast i think, maybe i've gone used to it ) but i dont feel that jolt when i push on the OD.

could this be a timing belt or timing something being retarded or something? How would i talk to a mechinac about this, like what are the proper words.
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