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Lost power

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Got a 2003 4runner V6 115k. First of, the engine lite on, VSC lite on, Trac lite on....the symptom is it won't accelerate at all..difficult to get it going over 20 mph. Got 3 codes..PO171 & 174 &136. Once I erased the codes, it accelerated normal to 45 mph but if I stomp on the gas, it hesitates and won't go faster. Had to drive 30 miles home but took small road.

I have read that MAF sensor needs to be clean..haven't done that yet as it was last nite. Any input is appreciated.
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I would say that since you have only one code for the oxygen sensor, I would start by checking the particular one and make sure that it is bad first. If it is not bad then I would start trouble shooting else where. Thats where I would start. It won't hurt to clean the MAF sensor but I would suspect the O2 sensor first. If you need to replace it don't buy the generic type that you have to splice in, get an OEM type that just plugs in. Denso or NGK work the best other than a Toyota brand which you will pay too much for.
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