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I have way too much stuff in my car detailing cabinets. I have multiple bottles of some of this stuff, and some of it I don't use anymore. It's all good stuff though. None of it is older than 2 years old, and most of it less than 1 year old. It's all still fresh.

From Left to Right:
Four Star Ultimate Paint Protectant. Never used, still sealed. $19
Meguiars Professional Fine Cut Polish. 95% full. $10
Meguiars Professional Medium Cut Polish. 95% full. $10
Meguiars Professional Hi-Tech Yellow Wax #26. 95% full. $10
Meguiars Professional Showcar Glaze #7. 90% full. $9
Meguiars Professional Final Inspection. 80% full. SOLD
Meguiars ScratchX. 95% full. $5
Meguiars Gold Class Rich Leather Conditioner. 95% full. $5
Meguiars Natural Shine Vinyl and Rubber protectant. 80% full. $4
Black Magic Titanium Tire Gel Protectant. 90% full. SOLD
Mother's FX Synwax. 95% full. $9
Mother's California Gold Scratch Remover. 90% full. $5
Mothers Aluminum PowerMetal. 100% full. $6
Mothers Cleaner Wax. 100% full. $4
RainX Anti-fog. 100% full. $4
3M Swirl Mark Remover for Dark Paint. 80% full. $7
Eagle One Nano Wax. 90% full. $8
Eagle One interior/exterior protectant. 85% full. $4
Eagle One Wheel Nano Polish. 95% full. $5
System One Wax & 2 bottles of Polish (3 bottles total) 95% & 100% full. $25
Noxon 7 Metal Polish. 100% full. $3
PoorBoys Nattys Paste Wax Blue. 90% full. $12
PoorBoys Wheel Sealant. 60% full. SOLD

Back Row:
303 AeroSpace Protectant. 1 Gal. 80% full. $35
AutoGeek Large Natural Sea Sponge. New. SOLD
Two Soft Detailing Terry Cloth Towels. Used a couple times. SOLD
Mix of 10 Microfiber and Terry Cloth 7" buffer bonnets. $15

Google it if you're not sure what something is, then if you still have questions feel free to ask me. I'd like to sell most of this locally, but if you buy at least $50 worth of stuff then I'll ship it. Buyer pays shipping. Prices are semi-flexible. I take PayPal or local cash.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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