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I own a 1991 Toyota Celica gt. It has just over 100,000km(60,000miles)
Every morning, or every time my car sits for a while, when I start it up i get lots of smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe. Now, I am pretty sure that it is white smoke. Although, sometimes it really looks blue to me, so its confusing. Anyways I know that white = coolant, blue = oil. So if it is white smoke what does this mean? blown head gasket? something is leeking into my cylinders when the car is just sitting there. I never get any smoke, i dont think, while driving the car. So when it sits for 8 hours while im at work i get a little puff of smoke, but when it sits over night for 12+ hours i get a huge puff of smoke.
Anyone else have this problem???
hope someone can help.
Thank you for your time.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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