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Loud Diesel Sound

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Hello All, so I have a 2009 Toyota Camry 4cyl. That has about 125k miles, but still drives very smooth. However recently it’s began to make this loud diesel sound, when it’s started, while it’s driven, and when the gas pedal is pushed. However once the car rides for a while without Accelerating The gas pedal it’s not as loud. Does anyone know what this could be ?
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Could be engine knock.

Get it checked out ASAP.
Could you have an exhaust leak?

After starting car, walk around car,look under hood, under middle of car and under back ... where is it loudest?

it would help to attach a recording of the sound.
Thanks for all your suggestions. Thank goodness it doesn’t appear to be the engine itself, as I’ve since had the oil check and had it put on a diagnostic computer and no codes are coming up. I’ve also had an oil change, the motor mount replaced, coils, & spark plugs. Yet it’s still making the sound. So it’s now running like a sewing machine, just a loud heavy one lol
You have exhaust leak from a donut exhaust manifold seal, where it connects to exhaust pipe.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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