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Loud knocking noise in motor..

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I have a 93 tercel with the 1.5 12 valve motor. I just bought the car yesterday with 106,000 miles on it. It ran perfect until i had driven about 100 miles and I started to hear a loud knocking in the motor. It does it all the time when I give it gas but when I let off it stops. The cars performance doesnt seem to be affected. I checked the oil and it is full. What could be causing this?
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Doesnt anyone have any ideas?
you should take it back cause most likely the engine it ready to go
slow down a minute, I wouldnt go that far......

I have a '92 with the same problem (i think)

Not really a LOUD KNOCKING, so much as a loose rattle type pinging thing.

happens over, say 2300 2400 rpms.

MY mechanic said it was the valves not to worry, I told him i was worried, so he fixed it, sure, lasted great for a day or two, then it came back.

I havnt gotten the chance to go see him again.
Maybe ill do so today, ill get back to ya

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This isn't a pinging noise, it is a loud, very obvious knocking that seems to be coming from the top of the motor. I called the dealer today and he is coming to look at it.

How much can I get the exact same motor and transmission for from say a junkyard? And how much would a mechanic generally charge to swap the engines? Thanks for the help.
For the price a mechanic would charge to swap the engine, you could put a j-spec engine in there and pay the same installation. If your interested, give Back Yard Productions a holla and ask for Trevor, he'll take care of you. Any loud knocking is not good, rod, pistions..etc. Never good.

my paseo started knocking it was a main bearing knocking is bottom end can also be a rod bearing. best to just pull the motor and get a j-spec 5efhe and drop that in.
Why does everyone want me to put a j-spec motor in? Whats the point?? Its a tercel!
Which makes it the best, unexpecting sleeper around with a kick ass pounds per horsepower ratio.
5efhe or 4e-fte ? I guess 5efhe would be less trouble... it all depends on what you where planning to do with your Tercel. And ignore people telling you it's just a Tercel, there just as ignorant as the ones who say it's just an old corolla from the 80's.

People who dont know shit about : weight ratio, balance, camber, torque, peek, air restriction and can only say if a car is cool by how much horsepower it's got.
oh, i dont plan on doing anything to it at all. to me its just a car to get from one place to another.

doesnt doing all those mods screw up your gas mileage and everything, thats the whole reason i bought a tercel is because its supposed to get 35+ mpg.
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