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Hi all,

Have had my 1995 Toyota T100 for about 9 years now. By far the best truck I have owned, not many problems with this truck. I reside in So Cal. and drive 60 mi. to work and back 6 days a week. My truck has over 200K miles and still strong. My occupation is N/C Programmer for a medium aerospace tooling company in Irvine. Oh and on my only day off I am bass fishing in the lakes or fishing the ocean, love it.

Thank You,

Duane V.

Love this forum for helpful info when doing something to my truck. :clap:

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Congratulations, Duane, on such a dependable, great running truck! :chug: Glad to know the Toyota brand has performed so well for you.

I'm in OC too. Any local lakes or ocean spots that are your favorites?

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