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I have had a few loaner Camrys over the last 2 years and man what a car! I need to replace my wifes car and I would like an 07-08 Camry. I had a XLE as an loaner yesterday and I tried not to get spoiled.

Today I drove a 4 cylinder going in with the thought that I didn't want a 4 banger. I was quite suprised at the performance, not the 4 bangers of the old days. I was still not completely happy with the 4 as compared to the 6, it shifted harder and struggled a little with the AC on. Do you have a 4 and wish that you had a 6?

The wife loved the sunroof of the XLE which to me seemed like trouble. This car only has 5K on it so it may not have been a good example, but it seemed to stick and made a big BANG a few times when I opened it. Anyone else experience this and do they leak?

Having owned my Tacoma for 89K with little to no problems, I don't doubt the reliability, I think that it would be a wise purchase. Because where my wife drives though, ie... grocery store, work, Walmart, her current car has been hit on all 4 corners. I hate to put a ton into a new one and watch it get beat. That wrap around plastic bumper scares me a little from a cosmetic standpoint.

So here's my thought, an '07 LE with sunroof, aluminum wheels, around 20K on it, CD player, V6, for around $17K. I can buy an '08 base with 20K, without the wheels and sunroof for $16.5 or an '08 XLE with 5.5K for $23 right now.
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