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Low fuel warning light

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Hi everybody!
i have a little question. Two weeks ago, the toyota dealer have change my fuel tank ... (It wasn't tighter). Yesterday, my gaz needle was at Empty, but, the light don't lit. I think: "ho i'm ok". After i start after a stop and i have left abruptly while pressing on button ECT and the transmission shift has 6300 rpm. During the rise of RPM, the engine have up it in step, no regular ... i have conclude, "ho! it's the fuel level". Five minutes after the warning light lit ...

My question is: what is determining when the light lit ? The dealer have make mistake during the rebuilt of my fuel tank ? Because, before, when warning light on, the fuel level did not are also low ...

P.S.: Excuse my english quality :(
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dstlaurent said:
My question is: what is determining when the light lit ?
Theres a float inside the gas tank.

When the fuel level inside the tank is low the float triggers the light on the dash.
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