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Low voltage

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My 1982 4wd pickup with a 22R engine was only giving me around 11 V. After replacing the battery and the alternator and trying a new regulator nothing has changed. There is still between 11 and 12V coming back to the battery. I have put in a new head unit for the stereo, but removing the fuse to the stereo doesn't help any. I also put in a new Webber Carb with an electric choke. If anyone has had a similar problem and knows a solution please reply, I'm having trouble finding answers.
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you can try disonnecting the lines from the alternater that should throw it in full open mode and see what the volts are there ... then slowly work your away back to the battery ... the wires may be going a little bad over the years and have to be replaced. if you dont start it up for a few days or so does the battery seem to die?
Was the replacement alternator new, used, or rebuilt? I would suspect the replacement alternator, based on what you say. Assuming all your connections between the alternator and battery and ground are good and the wiring is in decent shape.
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