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lower rear lip & HID

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Hey guys,
I'm looking for a piece of the trd kit. I had to buy the shitty fiberglass immations, because molly discontinue it. There's a 7th piece, it's a a little lip that goes on the bottom rear of the car between the two rear lips. It's killing me that i dont have that. any recomendations on where i can find it would be most greatful.

Another point.
HID ya or na, is it worth it and what brand?.
i've read a few threads on it, but wasn't really satistfy, so i did placed this one.
i'm looking at a mcculloch for roughly 300 to 500 bucks. damn 9003 bulb. j,k.

car info:
2001 solara, 5sfe, i regret not getting stick
with all the of the commono visual aesthetics.

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Visionbulbs has the h4 kit for $269, that's really cheap. how reliable are they?
Yeah i kinda figure that the rear piece would be rare, but you never know someone might have one. i'm even thinking about buying a the used piece kit if someone has it.
Thanks for the reply.
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