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Lower Valance

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I am looking for a lower valance for my 93 4x4 pickup. There are plenty of them on EBay, but I read somewhere on here that the actual bumpers don't fit so I am wondering if anyone has any experience with the lower valance.

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Just make sure you get the right one for your year. The front ends and lower valance designs changed a few times.

Im really not too sure what you are asking. I have replaced mine after I smashed the front end. No big deal.
yep. i got mine on or Shipping raped me though.

But dude, the bumper valance combo from the 92+ 4runners are soooo clean.
I just got a replacement one for my year/model, still like it and the body work was minimal. IMO, the best spot to get one, is to make buddy-buddy with a nearby body shop that will order it for you. They can get it at cost, charge you sales tax and you save a little. I order all my parts that way now. Then I can make sure they don't get jacked up in some fed-ex truck on the way to my house/business.
my valance came off while fleeeeeexxxxxiinnnggggg
nothing looks more pissed than no valance....

unless its a 2wd, then....well i still like it
It offers at least a little protection for my lower rad, especially since my body lift exposes it even more. I just had to do some trimming after I ran over it wheeling.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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