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If I go for a 1.1" drop using Eibach's pro-kit and putting on 17" ICW Racing Trident 786H rims on my 04 silver corolla would that look good? I heard that the Eibach springs provide a little bit of lowering but it rides almost like stock. I don't plan to drop it any lower like using Tein springs...

Also, I've read up on posts about people adding strut bars, changing struts, and adding coilovers. I don't plan to do any of that stuff... I just plan to get the rims and lower the car. Is that fine or would I have to have those things too?? I know these are performance aids, but I'm not really going for performance as much as for look. I'm asking cuz I don't want any damage to the car in the future or in the long run.

Finally, would I have to worry about shocks blowing and other misc problems in the future if I do this? I'm asking because I read up in some places where people have the new springs in for 6-8 mths and their shocks blew... I thought they would last till the car dies.. but I think that was because the people were dropping the car lower like using Tein springs rather than Eibach? Then again, I've heard and seen people with the same springs and said they have never had a problem whatsoever. So I'm not sure... please clarify for me!

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