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I would like to drop my car. Things I am considering are as below.
Please tell me what would be the best choice for comfort.
I am dropping the car only for loolk so handeling is not that Important.
I know there are other threads about the subject but just need opinion from ppl who might have one of these setups.
KYB Gas Shocks GR-2+Eibach
KYB Gas Shocks GR-2+Tein S tech
Eibach lowers the car by 1.2 inches at both ends.
Tein S tech lowers by 1.5 FRONT -0.6 REAR.
Using any of these setups, If i have 17" with 215/50/17 will there be any rubbing issues.
will it make any diffrence when I have the car full capacity?
finally is there any other combination of springs and shocks available for around same price?
Thanks for your feedback...
PS: all this is for a 2000 camry

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KYBs are a little closer to stock dampening then the tokicos so if ur not lookin for handeling go with thoes. eibach and tein are about the same ride wise i believe, but u have to decide weather u want a raked look or not. the tein are gonna lower the front quite a bit but not the back so that the wheels fit more evenly in the wheel wells. the eibachs are just gonn agive it an even drop. personally i like the tein because it evens out the gap in the wheel wells. i always hated the look of larger gender gaps in the front. u shouldht have any rubbing issues either. i have Sprint springs and they drop 1.8 all around and i dont have any problems.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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