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Question does any one know if the spring set up is the same on the 04 Camry and Solara??? I thought they had basically the same chasis.

The reason I ask is because I was shopping for springs and noticed this.

Eibach Pro-Kit MN Front Rear
Camry 4cyl. 04 8249.140 1.4 1.1
Camry V6 04 8249.140 2.0 1.2
Solara 04 8273.140 1.2 1.4

I assume the difference in drop on the Camrys is because of the engine weight. But why a different spring for the Solara?

TRD USA MN Front Rear
Camry 97-04 00602-48130-CAM 1-1.5 1-1.5
Camry, Solara 04 00602-48130-019 1.2 1.4
Solara 99-03 00602-48130-SOL ??? ???

Toyotaparts4u MN Front Rear
Camry 97-04 00602-48130-CAM 1.25 1.25
Camry Solara 04 00602-48130-019 1.2 1.4
Solara 99-03 00602-48130-SOL 1.25 1.75

Eibach has a different part number for the Camry and Solara, yet TRD lists the same part number for the 04 Camry and Solara???

But in 03 they had different numbers???

I think I'm going with the TRD 00602-48130-019 number. I think it's the new spring for the 04 Camry and Solara.

I guess Eibach's are supposed to be good springs. Does anyone have Eibach's? TRD's? Suggestions??? Anyone out there lowered your Gen5? What spring? Results? Pics?

I've spent the last few hours looking for pics of lowered Gen5's. Everyone likes to take angled shots of their cars so hard to judge the ride height.

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don't forget not only if eibach/trd work together vis versa on the springs but also take some time thinking that there is also a difference in lowering the car like you've posted 1.5 all around by trd. whereas the eibach is 2.0 front and 1.2 rear.

just looking into, what kind of driving condition you do; like daily driven etc and all that stuff... especially to one that has a bodykit, then lowering the car a bit and not worrying about cornering that may take into consideration too... cause not a lot of people would like a scratch on a new car, or damaging a kit too, which by means paying more out of your pocket for unnecessary purpose. so it varies in certain situation, on what you want and how low you want to lower the car.

because for me with a bodykit, sometimes i forget to corner or i'm least expected scratch something and don't want the car too low where i ruin the kit or even the car, then turn into a result where i would have to pay a bodyshop to do some repair or repaint job... but that is just me, because i'm very picky on my car and i rather take time to think through on what i want, rather than burning holes in my pocket for unnecessary stuff in the time being down the road. just my humble opinion.

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Fresco Bob said:
you might also find this thread of use. its also got pics of my parents gen5 lowerd with TRD springs
Thanks for the link. Is their car a V6 or I4? The difference in weight might change the height.

What part number is that TRD spring set? 00602-48130-019? or 00602-48130-CAM?

It would be a huge favor if you could get me that part number, because I like the stance on your parents car.


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