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LS430 rims on 3rd gen

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LS430 rims on 3rd gen (with pics)

hi guys, i was looking at some lexus rims to put on my 3rd gen camry, i was first interrested at the sc430 pie-plate rims but found 18 inches chrome of a ls430, so i bought them, now i'm looking for some tires and i'll post pics as soon as it will be ready, what do you think of the choice of rims??
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Never been a fan of chrome. How much did you get them for?
200 CAD for 4 rims
im not a huge chrome fan but i like those :) cant wait to see on the camry! i know im very interested cause my friend has a lexus with somewhere close to those same rims on it and the lexus doesnt work anymore so hes thinkin about sellin it soon. think i might buy the rims and have 2 sets of rims depending on my mood :thumbsup:
thats some fucking sick asssss rims
what tire combo are you gonna go with?
thats some fucking sick asssss rims
what tire combo are you gonna go with?
thanks, i'll put 225/40/18 all around or maybe 235/40/18 in the back to give a little rwd look :naughty:
you know that those will not fit with oem struts.... i tried on a gen 4 with 225/40/R18, and they didn't even fit under the strut. What is the offest. That will be the key.
i'll try to take some better pics soon, i need to get a car wash and some armor all before, the tires are 225/45/18 all around, currently i'm using the tuner kit lug nuts and i dont think its safe, should i get oem lug nuts from the ls430?
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not really feeling the look
Lugs are lugs, as long as they are the same thread pattern.

Damn, 18's look small on these cars. Glad I saw this picture before I settled on rims.
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