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Lubing swaybar bushings

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Since returning my bushings to Rockauto, I've decided to try and lube my original ones since they dont look too bad. However, I was wondering this: would removing just the two brackets be sufficient to take out the bushings, lube them, and insert them back? Will there be some play in the bar to let me do that? I assume the crossmember would catch the bar if the play is too much where it falls to the ground. This is for the front bar. Thanks all! :)
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I don't see why that wouldn't work. That is basically they way I lubed the ones that came with the Whiteline bars I put on. The only thing that might happen is it there is a little rearward force pulling the bar back, from the control arm bushings being tweaked just a little. Then the bar could pull back and you would have a hard time pulling it forward to get the bolts back into the bushing brackets.

I would do one at a time and tie the bar to the tow hook on the front of the vehicle to keep it from moving. Use something the won't stretch like chain. Just a thought.
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