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Lug Lock for 16" OEM Alloy Wheels

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I bought some 16" OEM alloy wheels that come with the TRD offroad package. When my Dunlops wear out (any minute now) I'll be taking off my Prerunner steelies and putting on the alloy with a set of Michelins.

I'd like to put a set of lug locks on since I fish a lot and the truck gets left at some fairly remote boat launch sites. It would suck large to come back to the launch to find out my wheels are GONE! :cursin:

I'm looking for the model number of a good set of lock nuts for these rims. I prefer the spline type over the keyed type since it looks like they will be harder to strip and they look more like regular nuts. I am open to both types though since looking like regular nuts might be a bad thing since you lose the visual deterant. I rotate my own tires so damaging the key is less of a concern.

Any recommendations?
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I found this part number:

Not sure if that's even close to what you're looking for. I found it on TRDparts4u.

I've been looking at wheel locks also - what is the benefit of the spline type?

Also - can I ask what about what you paid for your OEM off-road wheels. I'm selling mine and am not sure what to ask.



I found some more info here:

Answered some of my own questions. They sell some that might work for you. Clearly I don't have the expertise to be of much help...
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i paid $300+shipping for my 2005 TRD 16" rims with no TPMS. Picked up tpms for the rims (different angle than the ones on the steelies) from from ebay for 125.
That helps -thanks

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