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M3 style mirror help!

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i recently acquired a set of M3 style mirrors for my 01 camry; the instructions that came with it suck :thumbdown so i need help; i have the power mirror version and was wondering if anyone knows how to hook up the wires from the mirror to the wires on the inside of the door panel that need to be hooked up in order for the power mirrors to work. any help will be appreciated. i'll be able to figure out how to wire the signal part, i just dont know how to hook up to power mirror part.
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:dunno:trail and error?:dunno:

i kno that there is a link that has the electrical diagram for our cars well if i remember if there is even one someone will post it but trail and error keep that in mind
Are those the Ebay ones?
Are those the Ebay ones?
yes they are the eBay ones; the instructions suck so i dont know how to install them, but i dont wanna pay a mechanic to do it either
I think there's only 3 wires from the harness on the Camry. Just get a VM and measure when you press the different buttons.

The white wire with black stripes is ground. The other two should be for horizontal and vertical movement.
Yea itll be trial and error. But youll have to hook up the marker wires into the blinker circuit. i was thinking of those too seeing how to scratched the hell out of the left one. Post some pics. but it sould be the same as stock. a comon and one to move left and right and one up down. then there would be 2 extra wires for the blinkers.
ok guys im confused here guys....whats a RICER...i hear it soo much on every youtube video with street racing in it.
You choose this thread to ask this Question. WTF
You choose this thread to ask this Question. WTF
thats only because someone said Ricer in this thread and it reminded me so i should ask it here >_<..please tell me.
post pics when you get them installed
The speaker, black part on the door needs to pop out thats on the other side of the mirror. There are like 3 screws holding the mirror from the other side. The wires should be color coded. I remember this from long ago when someone put m3 on their camry, but I'm still not 100% sure.

But for the wire is trail and error. If you find out tell us.
try and if it doesnt work try a different combo until it works
Just use a multimeter to test which wire is which. Youll have to run the blinker wire though. Oh and make sure you top off your Blinker Fluid while your at it. LOL
Does anyone have pics of these bad boys on their cars. Id like to see what kind if a difference they make.
Hello i think i can help you or those in need out. I am new here looking for knowledge also. This is my first post.

The wires you are looking at (or need) are your parking lights (or front corner lights). There are three wires

Black and white = negative
Green and pink = positive
Green and black = signals (or Blinkers)

Hope this helps.
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