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Made in Japan/Made in USA Lateral arms and mounts, etc...Difference?

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Hello All,
I have 98 Camry 2.2 LE. This car has a "J " that starts the VIN = Japan production
I am looking to change out all 4 of my lateral links/rear control arms.
For the more rearward set, there is USA and JAPAN part numbers.
Does anyone know the difference? Other than it seems one or both, of the sides adjusters are in different locations
The set I have are a fairly recent install and are for Japan models. I did not change the inners at that time.
The outters appear to be at the end of there adjustment and my alignment sucks.
I am entertaining the possibility that a previous owner may have changed around some parts...maybe changed with all USA parts from salvage yard...maybe.
IF you know the difference between these USA and Japan parts or any let's get that info on here. Thanks
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Hmm, Looks like there might be something different between 4 and J vin.

Not sure what the difference are, but there are two different types for after market. Not sure if you could swap the 4-vin to J-vin if you replace the entire assembly and might work?
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