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My son has a 2000 Tacoma SR5 Extra Cab PreRunner 3400 V6 2WD Automatic.
The truck has 173K miles.
The vehicle is a one owner and all the required maintanence has been performance. The truck runs great.
He want to increase his fuel mileage and improve the trucks performance.
He has been reading about these modules and I am not aware of this product.
The item he has found is a Magnum Performance Module, part # MAG-11511. It is on Ebay item # 370439509460. The price is $20.00 + $7.00 to ship. Sounds cheap.

Can anyone provide some advice, recommendation, regarding this concern. Would appreciate any help.


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Welcome to the Nation. There are no aftermarket performance chips for the 1st gen Taco. These so-called "perfomance" chips are nothing but a resistor that fools the MAF sensor that the air entering the intake is colder than it really is. This will cause the engine to use more gas to compensate for that, giving "better" performance. Increasing fuel mileage and performance are exclusive of each other, you can't have both. Increasing fuel mileage means using less gas, better performance means using more gas, exact opposite of each other. If you want to increase gas mileage a bit, start using synth fluids for oil, rear diff, tranny etc. Air the tires up a couple pounds more and have a light foot on the gas pedal.

So, to sum things up, those modules are a waste of money, along with the throttle body spacer, they do nothing for fuel injected engines. Oh, you may also want to have him clean the MAF sensor and throttle body while he's at it. Here's a DIY:

He can do a deckplate mod too, to get better throttle response and about a gain in 3HP or so. DIY:

Hope it helps you guys out. Let us know if you have any more questions.
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