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main bearings

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hey guys i think i need new main bearings in my '84 manual pickup it has the 22r. ive never done much engine work and i was just wondering how hard it would be to replace the main engine bearings in my engine. im almost sure this is the problem.

i appritiate any help on this
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i don't think it'd be that much if a legit import shop did it...

personally, i wouldn't do it..but i never have torn my 22r apart..
very easy, if your mechanically inclined, if your real careful, you can get away without even taking the crank out of your motor, they just slide around.
well, the best way to do it is to remove the crank...i dont suggest trying to leave it in and slide the bearings around the journals. This will mean dropppin the trans out out, which isnt too hard at all.
will i have to pull the motor out along with the trans
tonka toy '84 said:
will i have to pull the motor out along with the trans
No, but by the time you've gone to the trouble to get the tranny out and then take the crank out, you've probably done as much work as pulling the motor.

Besides, you don't want to replace the main bearings without turning your crank.
Replacing the bearings on a scored crank and you'll have the same failure within a few thousand miles.
agreed, your better off to yank it out and go through it unless your pinched on time then i would pull it out and strip it down to a core long block and get a reman. either way i wouldnt half ass it.
thx guys that answers my question
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