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Maint Reqd Lite on 05 "S"

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I have a little better than 5k miles on my new corolla. I've had the oil changed but not at the dealer so the light wasn't reset, as soon as I hit 5k after the oil change it stayed on. The answer wasn't in the manual and I refuse to pay a dealer for this. Can anybody tell me how to reset the lite? Many thanks...
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thats odd, the light hasnt turned on on mine(05 XRS) and its at 6000k
Well, According to the manual, at like 3800 miles or so the light flashes for twelve seconds at starup. Then at 5000 miles the light stays on. But if you had your oils changed at the dealer they most likely reset it for you. I had it done at wally-world so all they did was service it.
nah I havent changed the oil yet, its due at about 6500k id say.

you let walmart mechanics touch your car *shudder* i dont even like walking into walmart letalone letting them touch my car.

Really? I was going to go to the dealer but its quite a trip. The only folks that complied with the warranty and could get the oil filter info was wal mart. But i still have the danged oil light issue....

...So frustrating.
i find it odd that they would put this 'oil change' light warning on the american version of the corolla but not the canadian version...are you sure its the oil or could it be somethign else that is makign the light go off?
No. It says in the manual the "MAINT REQD" Light is for the oil change and it followed the prior discussed 4800 mile flash 5000 miles stay on discussed earlier to a "T". The car runs perfectly, The light is just aggravating, especially when I can fix anything electrical on a $30 mil aircraft but not a dang light on a $16,000 vehicle. Ahhhh the irony.
try pulling the cables from the battery?
Or heck, just pull out the bulb.
yeh i still find it wierd that we dont have that on our vehicles up here....anyways unfortunately you may be forced to goto the dealership to get it fixed because i belive they will have to plug their little computer into it and hit a button...but what I would try first is to go back to walmart and tell them to finish the damn job...
Dont want to pull the cables cuz i got a security system. And i dont want to pull the bulb because when i need warranty work and take it to the dealer the compuetr will say the oil hasnt ever been changed... It would be easier and better for future reference If I knew how to reset it.
chaces are you will need the computer.

if walmart changed the oil they shoudl be responsible for resetting the computer aswell....especially if they are certified to do it for toyota.
I worked at WalMart and CELs come on after oil changes on quite a few cars....they won't fix it though.
Just call Toyota Customer Service and ask them how to reset it. They aren't allowed to "force" you to go to a dealer to turn off a maintenance light - It's probably something silly like turn key twice, turn radio off, honk horn, turn key twice.:lol:
Figured it out if anyone wants to know. Turn key to ON position. Make sure Odo comes up. Turn to off. Press in odo. reset switch turn key to ON. The odo. will flash and count down. Keep holding it till its done and... viola! The lite goes out. Thanks for the help guys.
Hey that's good info. Perhaps this should be stickied somewhere?
damn, u guys beat me to it.

on my rsx (and all hondas) what u do is turn the key to acc (or I in hondas) and hold in the odo reset, and turn to on (II) and keep holding until it dissapears.

page 2 owned:D
Hey thats a big help mines been on for 700 miles now but the Toyota dealership here in Germany looked at me like i was crazy when i asked them about it
where in germany you located? i used to live there on Spangdahlem (sp?) Air base.

I've been thinking about going there sometime soon, but tickets are sooo expensive in the summer. and Nürburgring doesn't open until like March or so, which is when the ticket prices start going up, lol.
haha its funny how i just noticed the exact same problem 10 minutes ago with just about the same thing the owner stated. but i found how in the manuel, and im about to go get my oil changed :)
Before I hit 5K Miles my Maint Indicator would blink for a few seconds then shut off, but when i hit 5K Miles it stayed on after i went to the dealership and got my 5,000 miles Maintenance service they obviously got rid or it, but now i have 10K + miles on my car now and never seen that light ever since.
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