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Maintenance Question

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My Sienna 11 is 6 months old and I have 3k miles on it, dealers tell me to wait to 5k for check but the maintenance guide says 5k or 6 months which ever comes first. I always believed that the mileage on the vehicle was more important than time of ownership of the vehicle. My question is should I get it serviced or wait till 5k?
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Unless the dealer wrote down with their letterhead and signed it, I would go by the owners manual. Time and mileage are about equal. Stuff accumulates in an idle motor, condensation and acids build up.

For what it's worth I did my first oil change at 1 month and 1200 kms....I'll take it back at 8K for it's first real mtce.
Well the Sienna 11 comes with synthetic oil which according to a Toyota representative doesnt have to be changed til 10k. So the service check will be for what is recommended in manual, floor mat's, fluid levels, rotate tires inspect brakes.
My anal OCD would never let me go that long for any vehicles first Oil change...10K. I think you are in the States so when you say 10K, your mean miles....In Canada we screwed up and went to kilometers, so 10k would be 6200 miles.

Can`t find my service manual...

I`m a bit confused on what service you may or may not think you should do...

If it`s an oil change, sure why not.....anything else, may as well wait for the recommended interval.

A word of caution for everyone going in for service:

At my first service, I was on my long road trip so I went to a Toyota dealership along the route. The dealership replaced the oil with 5-20 regular oil without saying anything about it to me - I didn't notice until looking at the receipt a couple days after. So I went to my regular dealership as soon as I got home and specified for them to replace the oil with the synthetic 0-20 as the manual recommends.

I'm really annoyed about that wasted money and crappy care from that one dealership, so be careful about making sure they give you the proper oil when you go in. I mistakenly assumed that any dealership would do it properly.
I knwI heard the same 5k vs. traditional 3k oil and maintenance care for my Camry as well - but, I still continued to keep it 3k - although I might go a little over in mileage sometimes once in awhile. I can feel the car get a bit sluggish or use a bit more gas when its over 3k so I've been pretty comfortable keeping it at that.

I'll probably keep it the same with the new Sienna we got this week as well as I never had any problems with any car keeping it at 3k for years now and they're always as quick/steady as any new car for years.
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