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Major is at it again HID/ANGEL like no one else.

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Aight guys, back again, this time is final, i just need some adjustments on the headlights. But everything came out sweet, i luv my angels they looks sweet, i am fixing one of the lights at the moment since there are "technical" difficulties with it. But overall, i think you guys will like it. Let me know what you guys think, and remember, props elevate the emotional spirit :D .Here are some pics more pics within an hour after i fix the other light. These are the 'works' pics, you guys will get the 'after' pics later tonight.

Let me hear those compliments :whatwhat:
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Looks good so far will be nice to see the finished product. Props for the work.
Looks great...waiting to see the finished prod.
man how much did the projectors cost, and what car did they come off of (if any)? Id love to do that to my cam.
Ok guys i am finally done i had to set up my switch and alight the projector. Thanks Xyorke, amerikim and Brian, your complimants are great, makes my work worthy :D. Brian the projectors costs me 300 bucks, including Shrouds, ballasts, igniters, and d2s bulbs. I payed 50 more for the angel kit, plus another couple of bux for extra parts such as paint. They came off an e46 bmw i believe.

And now the aftermath:

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Very very nice :clap: what sites did u get them off (if any)?
Hey majorgercko1 where did you get your fog lights. i like em. i need to spend money to get one of those
mate!! perfect fit :D:eek:hyeah: :thumbsup: well done!!
hey bro, looking good. Projectors set it off well. any pic of the beam pattern?
i need 2 find a good place here i can get that shot of the beam on the wall. And i got em off ebay. Some dude was asking for 330 and buy it now for 400. But no one bidded so i told him 300 and i would pick em up and he said yes. =)

Foggies are stock they came with the car.
keylogger said:
Hey majorgercko1 where did you get your fog lights. i like em. i need to spend money to get one of those
You can get them on ebay. $120 for fogs and wires. But those are OEM, and came stock on the SE models.

Great job on the retro, major (what IS your name, anyway? :lol: ) It looks facking sweet! Hope to see it next Saturday. :)
it looks crazy man. im loving it. i dont know what to do with my headlights. should i just get HIR light bulbs or go and do retrofiting with HID
Hid =d All Tha Way Bro. Expensive But Stands Out Better =d.
what is yall opinion bout HIR? im sorry for going off topic. Once again MAJOR is da man
Looks amazing. Very OEM. Perfect. I love the Gen 5.5 lights, but the gen 5 are the pefect lights for those e46 shrouds. I love it.

How about some beam pattern shots.
Sweet! :D
Fantastic job. looks great.
my beams do kinda suck i need 2 find a flat wall.

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nice. line your car up 25ft away from a wall for a cutoff shot. also, line your car up parallel to the wall to see if your cutoff is flat.
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