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make my car faster!

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its nice to find a good car forum with good information that isn't dead. that being said, hi. i'm dan. i drive an automatic '93 red camry (5sfe) that i bought a month ago for about 3 grand. at 93 k miles i think its a good deal.
anyway, down to the stuff- my mother also happens to have a 5sfe camry, from '95. unfortunately for me, her car is a bit faster. i have no idea what the actual numbers are, but you can definately feel the torque difference from the driver's seat. had a family friend who is also a mechanic look through it, he didn't think anything was wrong with it though. so i wonder, is there any real reason why my mom's stock car is better preformance wise? they're both gen3 cars so i wouldn't think they'd be this far off. my friend's 800 $ bmw beat me :( anyway, so what are some good, relatively cheap mods to do to my car to give it some extra power? ive already changed the oil and filter, and put in new spark plugs and wires. a trd cai is sitting in a box next to me waiting to be installed. maybe i'll turn into a nice sleeper car ; )
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