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Make the dipstick easier to read

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There have been a few threads lately about oil levels, and it reminded me of a small mod that was brought up a while ago. I thought I would mention it again for the newbs. :)

To make the oil level easier to read, drill out the indentions in the dipstick like the GM dipsticks. The oil will fill the holes and make it easier to see when you are actually up to the top indention. I think I used a 1/8" or 7/64" drill bit.

You can also sand the dipstick cross-ways with some coarse sand paper. It will make the oil stick to it a little better, especially when your oil is new and kind of clear and hard to see.

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good idea
Even after drilling out the small knobs and sanding it I was still pulling some oil up the tube. What I do now is pull the stick out and let it sit on my engine cover for 5-10 minutes, then quickly stick it in and pull it out. This has given me the cleanest reading so far.
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