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I'm really not seeing the piont in making it louder at all.. chances are the louder you try to make it the more power your losing in return.. Do you know what the db reading on the current exhaust is?

anything over 90 - 91 will get you some nice tickets!

But if you really want it loud I remember having a Acura Integra some years ago with a performnce muffeler on it and it started getting louder and louder and louder till one day I looked under it to find that it had a hole in it from rust. So go ahead and put a hole in the bottom of it.. but keep in mind you will lose power and might get tickets galore!


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So the question is do I / we help you to rice out a yaris or do we just give you the info? I don't want people going the way of civics and ricing out a great car. But I do want aftermarket support to be built.... oh choices choices....

Have you already tried things like cherry bombs and the like?

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lose the muffler altogether. Straight pipe from the cat back. If you can get the o2 sensors to fit in the system without the cat and so it doesn't throw codes all day, do that and put pipe in place of the cat too...make it big pipe, like 3 inch or so. You could take the hood off to let more noise out, remove the carpet and any sound deadening from the floor and firewall. No air filter should help too, especially if you replace the factory plastic intake tube and put the flow sensors in a short straight tube right off the intake manifold. Advance the timing till it spits raw fuel into the exhaust and backfires/misfires...

These will make it louder...why anyone would want to is beyond me. The guy in the Supra/Mustang/GTI/SIR/WRX/ETC/ETC beside you at the track is not going to be intimidated by a yaris short of having a big blower sticking out of the hood...
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