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hello all,

my little brother drives a '96 T-100, extended cab, auto, RWD.
its completely stock, but recently he calls me up and tells me there's a problem:eek:
i drove that thing everywhere and i loved it.
so naturally, i get antsy and i ask him, "what did you DO!?!"
he says, " when i turn it on it'll run for a few seconds, but then it'll die. but when i hit the throttle right after it starts it'll still rev, but once the rpms drop down to idle territory it'll die again."
then i tell him, "well, f***ing fix it!" lol

anyways, i'm pretty sure it's either the airbox is just clogged up.
or the throttle body is dirty.
can anyone confirm?

looking forward to all the comments

1998 T100 SR5 2WD
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How many miles? When was the last time it had a tuneup? Was there any maintenance performed prior to this situation?

Things to check are bad vacuum hoses, bad fuel, bad TPS, dirty throttle body, stuck IAC valve, dirty MAF sensor.
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