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manifold qn.

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will the 3gte exhaust manifold bolt up to a ST185(fourth generation All-Trac/GT-Four) Celica and the MK2 MR2 Turbo(SW20 chassis.)a dual entry turbo...

thanx guys
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the 3sGTE Exhaust manifold has the same bolt pattern as the 5sFE exhaust header and the 3sGT header and naturaly the 3sGTE, as for the Turbo, the same holds true so long as its a CT26 off of a Mr2, and or a CT20B (JMD Mr2 Turbo) but, its actualy better if you get your hands on a single Entry CT-26 from an Old Supra Turbo. (well actualy its better you get a CT20B but those are like 500-700 bucks. as for the Manifold, the Turbo side, (the Flange) is actualy shaped for a Twin Entry. FYI get the surface's machined and Serfaced before you use them. and make shure the mainfold is not warped before you put it on the car. (machining will fix this)

the Single Entry share's the same flange, it just has one entry as apose to a port matched 2.

expect to pay like 50 bucks for it.. thats about how much i got mine for. (EBay)
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^ erm... i still dun get it...

well.. i got a ct26 with 25000 miles for like $200... not sure if it's a good deal...

and from the pics... it shows a dual entry, wel... from a search, i got to know that the bolt pattern are simliar, so the thing will fit, but what i'm not sure is tat does the 3gte has the same dual output to fit the dual entry for the ct26 that i got my hands on...

erm... i hope this way of phrasing my qns is clearer...
erm.. any kind souls can shed a light.
From what i know the Twin Entry off of the CT-26 is a match to the Ports off of a SW20 3sGTE Mainfold.

worse comes to worse, have the person take a rubing of the Flange and scan it and send it to you. its a t4 Flange so i see no reason why it shouldent work.
^erm.. sorry, but me still a noob... what does take a rubing of the Flange and scan it and send it to you...

could u please explain further... thanx.
allright. the Flange on the Exhaust Mainfold from a 3sGTE is a t4, (thus the t4/t3 Hybrid turbo) the ct-26 is once of those such turbo's.

as for the entry ports.. they should match. the only non twin entry ct26 is the one of of the older supra. and that one is a single entry.

as for "taking a rubing" you know with paper and a crayon. then u scan it at a 1:1 Scale. (best way to make costom gaskets)
wait till you get the turbo to make sure its a dual entry. if it is, im pretty sure the 2nd gen 3sgte's all came with a twin entry manifold. the twin entry manifolds are much stronger, and are less prone to cracking.

as for the previous post.:mad:
the flange on a STOCK 3sgte manifold, certianly IS NOT a t4 flange. unless you have an adapter for a t3/t4 turbo, it WILL NOT bolt up to that STOCK manifold.

and one more thing. the first gen 3sgte has a SINGLE entry ct-26 turbo.
^ why TN is a wounderfull place to get information..


i was under the impreshon that all 3sGTE's where Twin Entry.
ohhh my bad for the rudeness...but yeah, first gens were single entry... actually a differnt bolt pattern from the supras. another gee whiz piece of info
yupe. thanx you for the info...

TN is the place where all the helpful soul help out noobs like me... ;)
Dose GReaddy, and or HKS make flange's to make T4's Compatable with the OEM mainfold?

see im looking to get a good CT-26 myself but if i run into this problum i feal like i might need a way to make shure it bolts on.
yeah, i know they are made...ask 88le where he got his from. he had a t3/t4 hybrid on a 3sfe.
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