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manual oil psi gauge

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Need Help ! I Bought A Manual Oil Pressure Gauge And Im Having Trouble Finding The Adaptor To Connect Line At Block What Size Is The Threads In The Block And Where Can I Find An Adaptor To Go From Metric To Sae Thanks For Anyones Help
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try summit racing. - they have lots of adaptors and whatnot.

if i were you, i'd get an electric oil pressure gauge. running hot oil into the cabin of the truck isn't fun if you spring a leak. ;)

I have a SunPro gauge in mine. You should be able to get a metric adapter kit from them or from where ever you bought the gauge. It comes with three (I think) adapters so you will have the correct one no matter what.

Mine came with an SAE thread adapter. I wanted to get it running so I rethreaded it with a metric die "temporarily" figuring I would buy the metric adapter later. It's been on there for a year so far.:D I still keep saying I'm going to buy the correct one then I don't. I guess I procrastinate a little.

In fact, here is a link to it. I think yours is the M10x1.0 to 1/8" but I'm not positive. I can't remember that far back. I guess I'm getting old or I burned out one too many brain cells.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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