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Manual Transmission Fluid Check.

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I have a 96 Toyota Camry Manual 5 spd. 4 cylinder. The shifting has been kind of rough lately and I wanted to check the fluid level on the transmission. On the manual transmission there is no dipstick, instead there is a bolt ("filler plug") that you remove and stick your finger in to feel the level of the fluid, which should be flush to where the bolt/plug goes.

This requires putting the car on jackstands I assume to keep the car level.

I can't find this friggin bolt. I'm not sure which one it is, and on what side of the transmission it's on. I looked through the Hanye's manual but it offers little help. Has anyone done this before?
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it's a big bolt- somewhere around 24mm? I had to buy a socket for it since my sets didn't come with one that big...and it's on the front (facing the rad) of the differential
Thank you. That's all I need to know...I'll do it later tonight.
Thanks again.
You don't need to jack the car up. You can reach the bolt under the hood.
Also be sure to check the level of fluid in the clutch master cylinder reservior. Your car has a hydraulic clutch. Low fluid can cause the rough shifting. It's not uncommon for either the clutch master cylinder or the clutch slave cylinder to leak, after the car has seen a lot of miles on it. If it is low, you need to check both components for a fluid leak. Checking the clutch slave cylinder should be obvious. To check the clutch master, go inside the car and pull back the carpet under the pedals. That's where the fluid winds up if the clutch master leaks externally.

Hey all, sorry to thread jack, but I'm needing to check the fluid(s) on my '93 v6 with the manual tranny. Is the procedure similar to what is described above? Also, what type of fluid do I need for the tranny if it's low (ATF for the diff and gear oil for the tranny)??? Thanks!
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