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Hey guys, I have a few questions about my 93 Camry 4 door, it has the 5s-fe engine and a 5 speed manual transmission.

The first question I have is what is the difference between the gen 3 and the gen 3.5?

The second question I have is, what other transmissions will bolt into my Camry, Celica? Solara?, Will any of the newer Camry transmissions bolt in?

The current transmission is dieing....grinding and not going into gear, I haven't checked the hydo clutch yet to see it thats causing some problems but the gearbox does not feel good. The current trans in the car now I bought used through my local Toyota dealer but its not doing so well.

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i have a 5spd transmission for sale if you are on the east coast.

The differences between the gen 3 and 3.5 are subtle, they include a headlight revision, a trunk center panel and reverse light revision, and a slight diference in the front fascia. That is all i can think of at the moment.
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