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Map Lightbulb Access on 1999 Sienna

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This is probably a dumb question, but I'm struggling to find access to change out the two overhead map lights on my wife's 1999 Sienna. The lights are side-by-side above the windshield between the driver and passenger. They are turned on and off by pushing on the plastic cover plate that's on a little rocker on top of them.

I've taken out the two bolts that connect the plastic tray that these two lights are in. They are easily accessible. I thought that would allow me to get behind the plastic cover plate / shields to replace the bulbs. There seems to be one more fastener that I can't see anywhere in the center of the plastic tray.

Any ideas anyone? Is there some way you should be able to pop off the plastic shield.

Help and thanks!
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Figured it Out

Looks like I figured it out myself when the guys at the auto parts store struck out. I was able to pry the plastic shield out that depresses the on/off switch. The axis that the plastic shield pivots on are actually buttons that can be depressed when you push them in from the side. I just used a very small slot-head screwdriver and pushed toward one of the buttons......and was able to pop it out.

Thought I'd document this to prevent anyone else wasting any time in responding to me.......and perhaps help someone else trying to figure this out.
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