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Night Shift Pomona - MARCH 24th 2007!!!

PS here's some secrets that I'm going to leak out for Night Shift Events.

New for 2007.....
Valvoline presents the Mobile Dyno for you gear heads to run your dyno's at NIGHT SHIFT!!! YES A MOBILE DYNO! NO LIE! WHO HAS THE BEST GRAPH!!!

Paintball (don't ask why, we just like it) and FREE STYLE Motorcross riders performing via Boost Mobile.....(*wink wink*)

and then we also have the Mazda' time attack runs that spectators can actually go time themselves on the course w/ the Mazda cars. I thought this was pretty awesome..... there are other things we're trying to add so stand by..... i dont want to spill too many secrets before their finalized!!! werd life!

i hope to see alot of you there!!! especially being practically in LA.

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