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i know this is non-car related, but i would like to share this event pics with you guys.

today was my first time to walk the March for Babies 5mile walk. i had a good time. here are the pics.

for those who didnt know, my good friend's daughter, Cassidy, was born a month premature. basically we raise money, turn it in, and do the walk. more info about it here: anyways...

meeting with everyone at the Fashion Island in Newport Beach.

getting ready to walk.

group shot of Team Cassidy.

our fearless leader, Cassidy!

the start/finish line.

then the walk started at around 8:35am.

taking over the streets.

1mile mark at around 9am.

1 1/2 mile mark at around 9:10am.

we can barely see the ocean.

2 1/2 mile mark at around 9:30am.

back to Fashion Island.

3 1/2 mile mark at around 9:50am.

we finally found Cassidy's sign.

another group shot.

nice hood on the Jeep.

we are almost to the finish line!

made it to the finish line at around 10:20am.



at around 11:30am, we left and headed to The Hat in Lake Forest for lunch.

Google building on Jamboree.

at The Hat.


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I thought I recognized the area, and I guessed correctly when I saw that blasted Fashion Island sign. Man, I hate that place. Except for that one good Italian restaurant there.
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