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Mark X JDM power (IS250 Engine on GS Chassis)

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Would like to have a recommendation on ECU Fuel management based on Volumetric Efficiency and crank/wheel output power measurement software for Toyota Gazoo Racing Lexus engine. It should have the capability to recommend, read and write fuel injection parameter.

As I know Ferrari recommendation power is 167 per 1,000cc and Mitsubishi, Mazda is much higher, I think. Current fuel consumption is extremely high and power is not up to what I have expected.
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Sequential gear, up/down was not up to standard, means, required “performance gear algorithm” with no delay time, and probably, 2 to 9 milliseconds and “maximum VE ported algorithm”.
167 x 2.5 x 130 to 150% (VE)
Countering low velocity heat, will have to bypass sensor to connect fan directly. Carbon deposit removal on block top header, valve and clean fuel system, have to be done for 2xDOHC=Quad CAM.
Plug misfire should be eliminate with following and an additional ignition anomaly normalising need to be done.

Valve train, CAM, maybe intake&filters, Engine top block, Pump, Tank, Fuel rail, Ported Injection petrol(localized switch&control:Toyo&Lex,ETC,gear-ratio)

If there is an air lag/delay, only choice is to put in turbo.
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