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Master Key!!!!!

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does anyone know any kind or type of key set that would fit our camrys??? cuz i noticed that the master key that came with my car can open just about any 88-91 camry 2nd gen... i hate to say it but thats how my car got stolen!!! my car was found with no sign of forced entry or ignition damage, no hot wire signs and no sign of damage to my trunk lock...

i hate the fact that the master does this :sosad:..
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It is true for every older Toyota; I have had custom match the tumblers to the key for my 79 supra, yet someone try to steal it [they were looking for 4 cylinders engine off Celica but these retards did not know that supra has a different engine:)} I used fuel cut switch on it so the thief gotten in cranked the engine without success reached into the glove box, got bitten by the mice trap , got out of the car peed on the license plate, and stole pickup truck from my neighbor [the truck was recovered next day without engine.
Conclusion: put silent alarm and fuel circuit disabling switch [that will not protect your stereo though!}
p.S LA on your avatar stays for what?
lolz nice idea with the mouse trap in the glove box... whats happens if you put ur hand in there lolz haha

hmmm i was thinking of getting some sort of kill switch too like on the fuel pump and ignition wires...

damn those bastards who pick on old toyotas!!! i hope they get caught!!! damn fuckers!!! first think i thought when my camry got jacked was why my camry?? there are a lot of nicer cars in my complex and they chose my camry..

but now i learned and i tethered my radio to the frame and i am working on bolting or chaining my subs down..


LOS ANGELES baby!!! haha
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