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OK, so I finally got to changing my glove box to LED. At first, I tried to remove the bulb by using tweezers/pliers and a mirror to see up into the glove box. But I got no where and gave up. I knew the glove box was removable but didnt know how. So I looked at the service manual again as I'm looking into gaining access to the back of instrument panel. I'll save that for another DIY (maybe). But onto the DIY...

Tools needed for DIY:
  1. Fingers/hands
  2. Philips Screwdriver
  3. 10mm Ratchet Wrench
Total time of DIY: approximately 10 mins


1. There are 3 philips screws. Remove them.

2. This is the bottom left of glove box. Remove philips screw

3. This is on the bottom right side behind the cover. You'll need a 10mm ratchet wrench. Try not to drop it...just to save yourself some trouble.

4. Once all screws and bolts are removed, grab the sides, insides or anything and pull towards you. The glove box will fall. It's held in place by 3 yellow clips and 2 black ones.

5. On the dash itself, you'll see a little black button. Reach your finger underneath and push it out. You'll be presented with this...

6. Swap the bulb for with the LED.

7. Once swapped, turn the stalk to DRL or headlight to make sure it lights up.

8. Put everything back in reverse order. At the bottom of the glove box, there is a cover. If it falls out of place, just put them back into place. The pegs go into a small opening (sorry no picture. Hard to take a picture). Also, when you're putting the bottom right cover back, make sure you pull towards you a little and place the cover over the white piece and than push in to snap in place.
Great job dcemureviews for posting this,
but for glove box i didn't have to take it apart , I just used tweezer and mirror.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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