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Hey everyone, newbie here on T.N.

Anyone have any insight into the cross compatibility of the matrix/corolla/vibe and 2nd gen Prius?

I'm in the process of doing a (x)ZZ powered swap on my Prius and came to a few conclusions thus far.

matrix/corolla/vibe suspension components and Prius suspension components are similar (my lift kit was off of a Auris/Corolla)

Sub frame/cradle on the Prius looks very similar to the Vibe/Matrix (cant post pictures as I'm a new lol)

They look very similar if not the same.

My plan is to drop the engine, transmission, axles, sub frame suspension etc as a complete unit. then reattach (if they are indeed the same) the sub frame and suspension back into the Prius as I focus on fabricating the engine and transmission mounts. Obviously this would be pretty involved and would require a whole lot more fabrication, but I'm curious and any help in regard's to other similarity would be appreciated
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