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Maxama10's Expo Tacoma

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Max's Tacoma build

For anyone interested, here is a little about my truck, and a little about myself. Mostly I think I will use this to post pictures and maybe little blurbs about places I visit and things I do with the truck. As I have enjoyed so many of your builds and trip reports I hope that maybe some of you will enjoy a bit of mine.

I've kind of built it less for rocks, (I'd probably be better off with a different vehicle if I wanted to play in the rocks), and more for -- I don't want to call it expedition or overlanding but perhaps-- self-reliant exploring.

“Where is there a boy to whom the call of the wild
and the open road does not appeal?”
-Robert Baden-Powell

I was first introduced to wheeling when I lived in Wyoming and my neighbor would take me and his kids up to ham repeaters to fix them after the rough winters. That's also what got me into ham radio. The BSA also gave me a lot and added to my interest in the outdoors. So I guess I've kind of focused my build around some of this. Always be prepared, right?

I got the truck in 07 after moving back to the west, to remote northern Nevada. I started with tires and soon added on a few things here and there. My curiosity abounded and I was forever wondering where this road led or where that two track went and so I began hitting dirt roads and two tracks all around the desert and hills. My interest grew into more serious stuff and I added an ARB and then heavier skids, sliders, rear bumper, and more recovery gear etc... to help me on more technical trails. Or I should say, as my budget would permit.

Make: Toyota
Model: Tacoma Access Cab
Year: 2007
Color: Silver Streak
Name: Lexi

4.0L V6
6 spd Manual
SR5 TRD Off Road(Locked)
Tow Package

285/75/R16 GY Wrangler Duratracs
OME 886 coils
OME Nitro Charger 90000 struts
OME Dakar leaf packs
Bilstein 5100 rears

Sway Bar Removed
ARB Bull Bar
All Pro style ifs skid
Relocated differential breather
Relocated trailer pin connector
Extra tie downs
Block heater
Dual spares
Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD
Weathertech floor mats
TRD Seat-covers
LED Map and Dome lights
Yeasu FT2800-M (2M)
Diamond 2M antenna and Comet mount/cable
Cobra CB
Lil Wilson magnet mount CB antenna
Fire extinguisher in bed cubby
Adventure Medical "Hunter" first aid kit
Various Recovery gear and tools
Viair 90P compressor and plugs
Custom bed box
Smittybilt (TMax) XRC-8 winch
Reverse and Bed lights
Hi-lift 48" jack

More armor (locker skid, trans skid, tcase skid, fuel skid)
Under hood lights
Rock lights
Armortech shackle conversion
On Board Water Heater
Front ARB locker?
On board welder?

Maintenance and DIY Info:
and Here
Service info Here

I do nearly all of the work myself.

I changed my oil initially at 1000 miles and now every 4000 miles using a Napa Gold 1348 or a Wix filter and Valvoline full synthetic 5W-30 or Mobil 1 (although next time I may check out the special at Oreilly Auto parts for their 5 qts Oreilly brand Syn 5w30 and mobil 1 filter). A Napa Gold 1516 filter will also fit and is around an inch taller than the 1348. I also run Valvoline Syn 75W-90 in my differentials, transfer case, and transmission.

A write-up for how to change the oil on the 4.0 V6 is HERE

How NOT to change the oil is here

Per Toyota the spark plugs are to be changed at 30k miles, I changed mine using OE NGK plugs. As expected the passenger bank were all densos and the drivers side NGKs. Mine still looked pretty clean, but the electrodes had warn (normal) and they did need replaced. A write up is here and more plug info is here.
My Alignment Specs

Extending the life of your CV boots:
Post #11 and down

At the start:

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My truck has gone through several stages to get to where she is today.

The very first thing I did was to ditch the rugged fails in favor of Pro Comp M/Ts in 265/75/R16 Es. I ran those for a while with no lift. I then added a Westin Bull Bar, which was garbage and that soon got pulled off and sold. I then added an AAL in the rear when I found out how weak the rear was, especially if I put my quad in the bed. I ran that for only a little while until I added 884s. A while after that I added a lightbar I custom fabbed, until the lights on it got stolen and I took it off. The 884s worked fine, and rode well, until I got an ARB bumper. Then the truck rode like a boat. It dipped and swayed and rolled. Where I'm sitting at today is with Dakars, 5100s, OME struts and 886 coils. I enjoy the ride and am quite pleased at the present time.
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What do you think about the ride with the 884's? I have the same setup but am thinking I need 5100's or ome struts for a better ride?
Also why are you getting longer shocks for the back?
I'm fairly happy, I can't tell much difference from stock. I think I'm going to order the 1/2" top plates soon. The fins on the cv boots don't rub so I'm happy. What do you think of the 884?

As far as the rear, the flex is limited by the shocks and brakelines so I am going to lift the brakeline bracket and get the extended shocks and hopefully get a little more flex out of the rear.

Ome 884

Im happy with the 884's Rides a little stiff. I got it to level my truck but actually lifted it higher than the back. But after the rear tsb its perfectly level.
So putting new shocks will give the truck more flex? Replacing the shocks is cake, whats involved with extending the brake lines?
Sweet truck man! :smokin: Looking forward to seeing more upgrades. :naughty:
Thanks all!:) When I was installing my AAL I noticed that my axle could flex much more with the shocks disconnected and then the brakelines were the limiting factor.

I got the idea from 6shooter actually! Just stick a bolt in there and lengthen it up. Maybe 6shooter can get a picture up?

Looking forward to doing more upgrades! :D As $$$ allows of course.

I'm gonna give it a while see how much the front settles and I might order at set of topspacers.

and hopefully I can get the 5100 rears in this next month.

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Some new pictures from today just messing around.

I wasn't able to make it before, but someone shifted some rocks around and I got the lift and I made it with no scraping at all.
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How much higher in the back is your truck?

And in the front your just runner 884s for the lift??

And how do you like those Tires? They look more agressive than the BFG A/T tires I want.

Silver Access Cabs FTW!!
I'll have to get some measurements I didn't actually even measure before the lift. :hammer:
Camping trip this weekend, on the way home ran into about 100 of these sitting on the train tracks.

I never realized how massive they are. Much bigger in person.
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Well, got my 5100's for the rear.

Discounted thanks to TN group buy, call Wheeler's and talk to Jason! :clap:
WOW that's a cool pic! looks like you had fun camping. i can't WAIT for summer here so i can go camping too.
Awesome truck man. I like the fact that your out there using it. That train you saw is probably headed to Yermo in CA. The Yermo/Barstow bases all deal with that stuff. I miss NV :sosad:
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