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May 30th meet in CT

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May 30th. This ensures that everyone is done with finals. Anyone agree dissagree? We would meet in Manchester again where we had met last may at the Circuit City parking lot which may be out of business by then. However it is a large parking lot which is easily found and FREE PARKING!! woohoo. Any agreements or disagreements?

Circuit City

230 Hale Rd
Manchester, CT 06042


Some one over at 9th gen corolla .com, organized this and we are hoping for a good turnout. We hope anyof you Toyota guys can make it to the meet.
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I wanna come but Saturday is going to be tough. How many showed up last year.
i am thinking of going to my first meet =P
I haven't heard anything about this since the thread was started. So i don't even know if it's still going on.
See you guys there. Was a pretty good turnout last year. :)

Been a while since I have been to a Rolla meet. :)
sorry for not responding guys...i forgot i posted this here. lol. but yes we are still having this meet. We are at about 50+ cars right now
1. GTurner598
2. crsie03(plus 6)
3. ar1745
4. toyrolla03
5. daone83
6. ink28
7. CT Apathy
8. Bionic1boy1 (+ girlfriend)
10. bob (Camry)
11. Chalupa102
12. FallRiver_RollaS
13. GreenInferno (lucky 13)
14. Abraves4410(bringing the 8, no more rolla)
15. Bionic's Friend (GLI)
16. NetwireJohn
17. Bionic's Bro (Mazda3)
18. Bionic's Friend (GLI)
19. Bionic's friend (camry)
20. Bigredc2222
21. Smokey22
22. Oholic
23. Microskillz
24. Blazedout
25. ecuaboy023
26. NozMonster
27. tekhologia
28. AzNSuNsHiNe
29. xrsbandit
30. pengin978
31. Project-Cobalt
32. ASG14 (Camry)
33. Bionic's Friend (DSM)
34. Bionic's Friend (GLI)
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i want to go but i have to work :'(
i'm down to come - gen 3 camry ah shit last year :(
haha nice way to bump an old ass thread =P
i can probably make it to this meet im off on the weekends!!!
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