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Mazda Millenia wheels on Solara

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I am wondering if these rims off a 1999 Mazda Millenia will work on my 2001 Solara SE 4cyl.
My stock tire size is 205/65-15.
Mazda size is 215/55 16.
Is this going to make any difference on my odometer or speedometer?

Will the offset of these rims work on mine. I compared 2 aftermarket wheel on tire rack. One for the Mazda and one for a Solara. Mazda and Solara have the same bolt pattern I am pretty sure (5x114). Offset for the Mazda was 48mm and 40mm for the Solara.

Please help me out. Is there anything I should be worred about when buying used alloy rims and tires?

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A few possible problems that I can see...

The Mazda wheels will not be hubcentric due to a larger centerbore. I have seen broken lugbolts from wheel not being hubcentric. I personally have had vibration issues from aftermarket wheels without the rings, with the vibration issues gone after using them. You might be able to find hubcentric rings though. Gorilla might be one brand to look at.

The Mazda wheels might require a special lugnut. Might be costly to buy them, unless you get them with the wheels and tires.
How much are the rings? Where do you get them? What do they look like?

What would be different about the lugs?
You can get hub-centric rings at most tire/wheel shops.

The difference in the lug nuts are how they seat against the wheel. This is from the tirerack website.

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You might want to consider the Camry's 16" XLE V6 wheel from 2000/2001 instead. It should be a direct fit with no issues. (It's the same size as Solara's SLE V6 rims)
It also looks very similar to the Millenia's wheel.

Usually you can find sets pretty cheap on Ebay- although they don't have any on there right now. (Wait a few days and I'm sure a set will pop up)

I've seen them on ebay for about $380 per set (U.S.). Or you can buy them for $120-$170 per rim from an online wheel company.
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Thanks for responding. I had always thought toyota had a rim that looked pretty close to the Mazda rim.

At this point all I think I need is some hub centric rings that convert from 27.1 to 60.1. Anyone know if Mazda lugs are the same?
At this point all I think I need is some hub centric rings that convert from 27.1 to 60.1.

I am still wondering if the Toyota lugs will work on a Mazda rim
1. What shape lug bolts are on a Camry/Solara?

2. Would NAPA or a similar auto part store have hub centric rings and wheel lug bolts?

3.How are wheel lug bolts installed?
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