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MB Quart

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Which model MB Quart component speakers are you guys liking in your Tacoma? Any ideas where I can get them at a cheaper price than the dealer? Thanks- I want to change out my Polk Audio component speakers.
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If you're going to get MB Quart, don't get anything less than the PCE or PSD(older) series.

The PCE set uses the same 1" Titanium tweeter as the QSD setup but it has a plastic body as opposed to an aluminum body in the QSD set.

With any MB Quart Tweeter you''ll need to mount them off axis, they are very detailed and sharp, and if you point them on axis(towards you) it's really overbearing. If you are going to be using the passive crossovers, set the attentuation level on the tweeter setting to it's lowest setting(-6db). If you feel that you could use more tweeter impact(not likely) switch to a higher setting.

The mids in any set under the QSD or QSC lineup are going to be lacking compared to other choices, but it may be enough for you.

I like and recommend the new Pioneer PRS TS-C720PRS set, that is just an awesome set for so little money.
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Check out mb quart's website.....they have a set of components that include a 1'' tweeter and a 6 X 9 for the front doors..........I'm thinking this is what I will go with when I upgrade the stereo....
I'd rec. a round speaker over an oval :)
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