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me again,got another audio related question

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I seem to be having troubles with one speaker(left rear),i have checked all wires,grounds ect,its a brand new speaker and i have tested it in my brothers car and it works MY car it will work sometimes,cut out constantly and make loud popping noises accompanied with its semi-working state.

-so what i want to know is if these cars (89-94 with stock stereo,cassette)have amps.the reason being is im not sure if it is the stereo freaking out or a possible short in an amp; if it has one.if so, im going to rewire everything to completely bypass the supposed amp to avoid trouble.
-If they do have them,are they located behind the glovebox?there is a blue square box behind my glove compartment that i THOUGHT was the computer but there is also a silver box in the trunk with a bazillion wires coming out of it which leads me to assume THAT is the computer(it says A/T on it if that helps) but i don't want to touch anything without being sure.
-SO,basically if anyone knows if these cars(7MGE cressidas) have stock amps and where they are located PLEASE let me know,it will be great help to me lol,thank you in advance
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the box in the trunk is for the ABS. I believe but am not positive that if you have a factory CD head unit, the amp will be under the passenger seat. if you don't have that, the amp is internal to the head unit and cannot be bypassed/repaired unless you want to tear it apart and start soldering components inside (WAAAAY cheaper easier to get an aftermarket head unit.)
lol,i always get an answer right when i figure it out haha,no it didnt have one i have the factory cassette,reason why i was asking is because i bought a new HU but i got it installed perfectly ,mind you i gashed my finger open and electrocuted myself before finishing but i managed lol,i just have less hair on my hand/arm LOL,thanks anyways though i appreciate it
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