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me and my old skool motor

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just registered myself, so here goes with the mandatory me/mines/mods post.

my name's joe, currently living in bristol (england) but grew up in cardiff (wales). and i'm 21.

as far as the motor goes, mine's a 1987 corolla GL hatchback, 1295cc front wheel drive. oh yeah, it's called a 'style' and has a sticker of a top hat and cane on its rear :p: i've only had it about two weeks. it's in great nick and i think it's spent most of it's life in a garage, since there's not a spot of rust on it and it's only done 66k miles!

as far as mods go, hmmm, probably won't be doing much (errr, what can you do to a 1987 corolla?!). mods is going to stretch to me swapping the stereo (since it's slightly knackered) and... maybe replacing a cracked indicator lens?

hopefully, you guys can help me on my quest to swap the radio.

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You can do swaps, only limited by funds and willingness....
smaller car swap
We need to see some pics. :D

Welcome to TN!
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